10 Crucial Tips for Safe Driving During Foggy And Hazy Harmattan Period!

As with normal day conditions, driving defensively is a requirement especially during a foggy or hazy harmattan day.
There is no need to maintain a reckless speed level,when you can not even see clearly. That is not a wise driving decision.

The following are very important driving tips you can follow foe safety during a hazy day;

1- Allow more distance between vehicles. What Nigerians refer ‘bumper to bumper’ type of driving, where cars drive too close to each other, is not advisable at all.

2- Be aware of vehicles in front and behind you. Consciousness while driving is crucial,especially when its hazy or foggy.

3- Use your defrosters and wipers. Most cars have  the defroster and all cars have wipers! Use them to 

ensure your windows and wind screens allow you get a clearer view as you drive.

4- Use  your fog lamps. They
 have a unique beam shape. Their beams are flat and wide, and they are positioned low on the car, usually near the front bumper.Fog lights are a great way to improve both your car’s exterior appearance and your ability to see when conditions aren’t ideal.

  5- Stay in your lane. Why people never stay on their lanes while driving beats me! During the harmattan, when it is Hazy and foggy, is certainly not the time to join be an impatient or rough driver.

6- Avoid sudden stops. This is a warning that needs to be programmed into the heads commercial vehicle operatorsin Nigeria and other African nations! 

7- Keep a steady and low speed level. Remember the Nigeria saying ‘Jejelaiye,” which translate to, take life easy! Apply same principle when you are on the road!

8- Please, no high beam. Some motorists are so ignorantly stupidly and always constitute a nuisance to other road users.
You can be temporarily blind another driver and even cause an accident.

  9- Pull over if visibility worsens. And be sure to be parking in a good and safe place to avoid an accident or criminal descending on you.

10- Thorough vehicle maintenance is crucial at all times!!

Please, Drive to stay alive……
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