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Are you interested in becoming an environment journalist?

Do you want to be the voice of your community and bring to the fore challenges affecting your neighbourhood for positive change?

Do you want to earn a living telling stories for the common good of all?

If your answer to the above questions is YES!

Then the Environmental Journalism Summer School by the Eathnewsinfo is for you.

About the fellowship

The Environmental Journalism Summer School is a one week training for aspiring environmental journalists, particularly those from polluted environments and areas with degradation that are under reported.

Selected participants will be trained on the rudiments of environmental journalism, so they can be agents of change. The initiative targets green horns and those already working with media organizations, particularly those from areas with high level of environmental degradation.

Students will learn firsthand from award winning environment journalist ,Jennifer Igwe, other award winning seasoned reporters, exceptional publishers and veterans, including conservationists and environment activists.

The fellowship commences from the 26th to 31st of August 2019 and will hold at the Nigerian Conservation Foundation Lagos. This maiden edition is for only those in Lagos, Nigeria.

The training will include:

Introduction to Journalism and Environmental journalism

Science in Environmental Journalism

Human Angle to Environmental Reporting

Locating and identifying the stories

How to pitch and ‘sell’ stories

Introduction to Freelance Journalism

Camera Operations

Non-linear editing

Interactive and assessment session.


Who is eligible

To be eligible for the Environmental Journalism Summer School you must:

An udergraduate, graduate or equivalent professional training or experience.

Be enthusiastic about environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Be adventurous in nature and passionate about telling impact stories.



Write a three hundred word easy highlighting a major environmental or social challenge affecting your neighbourhood.


A short easy on why you want to be an environment journalist.

Submit by 10th August 2019. Include your full name, phone number and contact address.

Note the deadline for submission because no applications after the date will be considered.

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