Links for Media Coverages of the 2019 Earthnewsinfo Environmental Journalism Summer School

The 2019 Earthnewsinfo Environmental Journalism Summer School, at the Nigerian Conservation Foundation Headquarters, Lekki Conservation Center,Lagos, Nigeria, was a huge success. Twenty seven participants benefited from the maiden edition of the programme which lasted for six days. Below are links of media  reports of the training. NCF, Earthnewsinfo host Environmental Journalism Summer School Don Calls For Improved Conservation Efforts Please follow and like us:

31 Strangest People Found At Walmart

Each time I come across a video or picture of one of the most popular super stores in the United States,Walmart, I marvel at the dramatic scenarios.Many of the people who shop there,I must say are unique. I just wonder if they are specially selected for the super market…….lol Weird folks with queer attitudes and very absurd utterances and appearance. Describing them as crazy is really an understatement or should I say a complement. This video is just a tip of the iceberg of the strange beings and things that…